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The Government of Thailand is committed to the transparent, accountable and efficient use of technical assistance provided for Tsunami relief, recovery and reconstruction. In order to ensure effective coordination of the Tsunami relief and recovery work, the Government of Thailand has developed a Development Assistance Database (DAD).

The DAD provides project-level information on commitments, disbursements, expenditure, donor, implementer, sector, location, as well as key outputs and progress towards these outputs related to Tsunami relief and recovery. This information is accessible to everyone. The data in DAD has been provided by national and international partners of the Thai Government.
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Up-to-date reports based on the information provided by the DAD are published on the website of the Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency (TICA) at: http://dadthailand.mfa.go.th/dad/

A back-up version of DAD Thailand is updated weekly, in case you have any difficulties using this site: please visit - http://www.dadthailand.undp.or.th/DAD_Thailand

DAD Thailand is part of a package of support provided by UNDP for enhancing nationally-led aid coordination.

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